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Bara - The slave moves to lay facedown upon the floor, forehead lightly touching the floor, legs straight with ankles crossed and wrists crossed at the small of the back.

Belly - The slave moves to her belly, hands palms down near the sides of her head, forehead to the ground and waits for further orders.

Blanket - This, while not technically a command, is still an action the slave should remember. If something is thrown over her head she must remain silent and motionless until freed from it.

Bracelets - This position is used to put on slave bracelets for chaining the slave.  She places her hands behind her back, her shoulders pushed back, her breasts thrust outward, and her hands clasped tightly behind her back and ready for bracelets to be placed on her.

Bow - Kneel in nadu position and bend your body backwards, your head to the floor, placing your hands by your head, and pull up into a back bend.

Crawl - The slave gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat against the floor, bottom in the air, forehead close but not quite touching the ground and crawls to within inches of the Master's feet.

Capture - The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, hands at her side and remains motionless.

Coffle, Kneeling to the - Kneels, normally thighs parted, up upon the heels and lifts either the left or right wrist outwards, depending on the type of coffle, so that the wrist can be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain.

Display - Stands, feet about shoulders width apart, fingers laced behind the neck with elbows back, head up and eyes lowered.

Hair - The girl stands and bows at the waist, letting her hair fall forward for display, to be seized or for any other purpose the Master might require.  Also used as a disciplinary measure making the slave helpless.

Heel - The slave goes to the Master's left if He is right handed, right if left handed and about one and a half paces behind Him. She follows His movements from that point.

High Harness - This is a position used most often with display slaves. The slave holds her head very high, exposing her neck.

Kneel to whip - The slave kneels with her knees pressed tight together as would a slave assuming Tower.  Her arms are bent at the elbow, her wrists crossed, and held tight to her breasts, covering them.  She then bends forward, turning her head to the left and touching her cheek to the floor.  Her back thus curved and exposed she awaits the whip.

Ko-lar - The position of female submission, assumed when a slave offers herself to a free person, or free woman to a free man.  Openly begging for one's collar and publicly declaring her ownership by another.

Leading - The slave stands and moves behind her Master, bending at the waist. She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Masterís hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair or collar while walking.

Leasha - "Leasha/Lesha", apparently the Gorean word for "leash", is the command given when one desires a slave to assume the proper position for the attachment of a leash.

Nadu - Kneel with thighs spread wide, back held straight or arched slightly, breast thrust forward, head held high with eyes lowered,  sitting back on heels, hands resting palms up or palms down on thighs.   Palms up is considered a plea for use.

Nestle - When a slave is told to nestle she fits herself against the Master's side, snuggling into the crook of His arm.

Prostrate - This is usually done upon awaiting entry to a room or awaiting His command. The slave kneels, touching the forehead to the floor, stretching the arms out before it palms down with fingers spalyed wide.

Sandals - is a command for a kajira to place sandals on her master. The girl gets the sandals and kisses them. She then places the sandals on his feet, thonging them tightly, and kissing each knot as she completes it. After tying both sandals, she puts her head to his feet in a graceful gesture of submission

She-sleen - The slave moves to her knees and elbows, bottom in the air, acting as an animal  ready for either being beaten on the bottom or being taken from behind.

Slave Lips - When this command is given, the slave turns her head up to the Master, her lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. She remains motionless, her lips thusly puckered, and may not move until she is granted the kiss of a Master.

Speak as a Slave -  is a command for a kajira to speak in the third person. Some wrongly believe that all slaves must speak in the third person. The novels though contain a multitude of examples where slaves commonly speak in the first person. It is also common that slaves do speak in the third person but it is not an absolute. It all depends on each kajira's master and her training. It is not wrong for a slave to use the first person unless she is under specific orders to speak in third person.

Stand - Stand with left hip out and the toes of left foot pointed. Belly is in, head up, eyes down, displayed beautifully for the pleasure of Masters.

Sula - Sula, gorean for "back".  A prone position with the slave's legs parted little more than a shoulder widths apart, often used by gorean Master's when they wish to take sexual pleasure of the slave girl.

Thigh - The command 'thigh' may be given by a Free Man to a woman in order to see if she is a slave (branded) or a free woman.

Tower - An alterated position of nadu.  Knees are closed and thighs are pressed closely together, this position is often used in the serving of visiting Free Woman.  Sit upon heels with back and shoulders straight, chest out, belly in, and head up, with eyes averted slightly downcast.  Hands rest upon your thighs palms always downward. In the Caravan unless SPECIFICALLY instructed otherwise, all slaves will kneel in nadu to all Members of the Home, Male or Female.

Usage - The slave falls to the floor upon all fours, pressing her head to the floor, hands behind her head.  Her buttocks thrust upward and thighs widely spread in preparation for the sexual use of the Master.

Walk - The slave has a certain way of presenting herself, moreso then the gorean free woman.  Slaves take pride in their steps and when commanded will express this with every action of their body.
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