Height, Weight 6'5, 248
Birthplace Tetrapoli
Caste Warrior
Father Christophus
Mother Sarai
Sister Esther
Brother Kurtz


Timotheus was born to a well-to-do Warrior named Christophus. At the age of 16 Timotheus had left Tetrapoli and sailed north along the Olni River, where he came across a rogue band of pirates fleeing from the Salarian Confederation. He was caught up in the escape and fought to join them. He managed himself well and came to the attention of Policrates. After a metting with him, Timotheus had been persuaded to join the Pirates as they wreaked havoc along the Vosk River. When the Pirates had burned Tetrapoli, Timotheus had requested to sail and cause havoc by the Verl River. Polictates and Kliomenes had granted his request, giving him command of a medium-class war galley which he named the Dake.

En route to the Verk River, he had a chance to look at the damage Policrates and Kliomenes caused just to enact some tribute, and it was at that point that Timotheus decided to basically leave with no message sent back to them. He had his ships refit in White Water and then decided to rename his ship the Loesch.

After defecting from Policrates and Kliomenes, he sailed from White Water and arrived in Victoria. While he was there he had Tinaro, one of his trusted crewmen, travel to Tetrapoli and check on some of the buildings, thinking that he could make right by those in Tetrapoli and defend it with his ship. When Tinaro returned to Victoria, he told Timotheus that the holding Cristophus had in the Azdak District was somehow spared. He decided to sail from Victoria to Tetropoli himself and check it out.

Upon seeing the holding in perfect condition and remembering he was raised there he decided to live there and try to do his part in keeping Tetrapoli safe from Policrates and Kliomenes.